At GAN we love taking care of our customers, using only natural fibres: cotton, linen, jute, silk and wool. We believe these are the best for transmitting the warmth and touch of the hands that work them.


From New Zealand, India, Nepal, Turkey and Argentina. Always the best
quality. Few materials have so much to offer; protection, insulation, comfort, flexibility and durability. And above all, versatility; in our hands, wool is transformed into new, unexpected textures.


Fresh and vibrant, jute gives natural finishes and that close-to-nature feeling.


Woven in a thousand ways, Indian cotton is the base of many of our products. It makes the breathable, tough and comfortable.


Elegant, essential, linen is part of our collection of durries. It gives us vibrant, pure colours and satinised, smooth finishes with small thicknesses.


Soft, very soft. And warm. And very hard wearing. Silk adds an unmistakable sheen to colours and a special delicate touch to surfaces.