A look on ten years of working together: GAN and Odosdesign

Odosdesign is an integral design agency specialized in product design and visual strategy, founded in 2005 by Ana Segovia, María Mengual and Luis Calabuig. They have been collaborating with us, at GANDIABLASCO and GAN for over a decade. In GAN we love to work with people who understand and enjoy design as much as we do. And now, Luis talks about DUNA, the more Mediterranean collection of GAN.

How did the idea for the collection come about?

The idea comes from the superimposed combination of brush strokes, similar to those in watercolour paintings. In this way, transparencies are overlaid and they create a monochrome grid that appears to acquire real volume.
The combination of neutral colours provides a more Mediterranean appearance, like the Arabian kilims or the dunes of a desert.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Ultimately, the inspiration comes from the warmth of the sun that is shared by all towns surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The combination of neutral colours is reminiscent of the area’s wicker work craft products.

What are the specific characteristics of the design?

The main feature of the piece is the technique we used for the border, which is actually sewn around the entire edge. For this we used a strong colour that provides a stark contrast against the simplicity of the rug’s monochrome tone.

How did your collaboration with GAN begin?

Our collaboration with GAN goes back a long way. It’s been more than 8 years since we started working on and developing the art direction and graphic layout of the brand’s catalogue. Around the same date we started to develop product design proposals. Over the years, we have experimented with finishes, techniques and graphics …. to the point where we now have several pieces among their collections.

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