Dienke Dekker Video interview

Designer Dienke Dekker talks about the techniques and the inspiration behind WAAN, a collection of rugs and cushions that was officially launched last year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where this video was recorded.

Dienke Dekker – Archiproducts Interview from GANDIABLASCO TV on Vimeo.

Her first encounter with Mapi Millet, Creative Director of GAN, happened during her final project’s dissertation on her last year at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Dienke Dekker was developing a weaving project that explored the intertwining of cotton threads. Thanks to Millet’s suggestions, Dekker opted for wool and wove together contrasting colour yarns to make a rug. Its diagonal geometry produces an unusual visual effect that gives the collection its name: WAAN means mirage or illusion in Dutch.

The warmth of wool and the hypnotic visual effect of the weave is beautifully combined into a thick cosy rug, resulting from its unusual manufacturing technique and composition.

The collection is made in India, where the unconventional approach of twisting yarn was handled expertly by the craftsmen and women who produce WAAN.