Borja García and his minimalist Mediterranean, at GAN

The 2017 GAN catalogue opens with a luxurious collaboration, the one designed by Borja García (Valencia, 1980), who has authored the RAW rug collection. Renowned internationally for his industrial design and architecture García celebrates the Mediterranean, its pure essence and his passion for its culture with this design.

Where did the idea originally come from?

I’ve always been interested in natural materials, in their pure state, without any transformation. And as well as that RAW was conceived as a tribute to traditional values but from a contemporary perspective. The axis of the project has been to join these two worlds, tradition and modernity, within a single collection.

What inspires you?

The traditional architecture of the Mediterranean, the houses of Coderch, Bonet and the Spain of the 1960s which has left us with a palette of raw materials and elemental solutions that one cannot help but fall in love with. All of this cocktail is present in RAW, either directly or indirectly, through its materials and geometry.

What is the meaning behind the collection’s name?

With RAW, meaning “untreated”, we wanted to transmit the idea of pure materiality, originality that would somehow suggest sincerity in its construction and transparency in its intentions.

What is different about the design of RAW?

This collection represents a challenge for us because we’ve never worked with this material before. It was difficult to learn how to control the material and find a way of weaving the wool fibre with jute but we really loved the final result. It was one of those projects where we learned about the materials and experimented with colour. This resulted in new chromatic and interesting colour combinations.

What is your relationship with the GAN brand?

This was the first collaboration with GAN after having carried out a positive collaboration with GANDIABLASCO years previously. We started out on this project with great hopes of working with a team of professionals and making new friends.

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