This year GAN participated in Homeing, one of the biggest interior design events in Portugal. Last September, visitors had the opportunity to see and interact with over 80 interior design brands and their varied displays and stages.

GAN presented its latest collection, Garden Layers, created by renowned designer Patricia Urquiola. This is GAN’s very first outdoor adventure in the exclusive Spaces concept, a collection composed by rugs, mattresses, roll pillows and cushions that can be combined to create endless compositions that facilitate outdoor living.

The Oriental influence in Garden Layers is obvious in the way it invites the user to recline on rugs and mattresses, among soft pillows and cushions. It can be felt also in the fringes, the finishes, and its geometric motifs. Urquiola once again shows her masterly creativity. Her designs interpret other worlds and bring them closer to us in her personal and exquisite language.