GARDEN LAYERS, a game of superimpositions inspired by the orient

With GARDEN LAYERS, the first outdoor collection designed by GAN, Patricia Urquiola aimed at reinterpreting the lifestyle and architecture of the Indian Mughal. Her contemporary version includes rugs, mattresses, roll pillows and cushions that invite relaxation within gardens and on terraces, just as the sovereigns of that era but with a more up-to-date approach, more sober and using high-tech materials specially adapted for the outdoors.

The collection, which has just been presented at Milan’s Salone del Mobile features four pieces that can be combined with one another: rugs, mattresses, roll pillows and cushions, all available in different sizes and three colour groups. They can be arranged in an infinite number of ways: extensive compositions or more intimate arrangements, rectangular or asymmetrical. The mattresses can be laid over one or more rugs, the cushions are supported on the roll pillows, in this way spaces can be constructed for the purpose of reclining and relaxing, to make socialising areas or define different zones in the outdoors.

The compositional possibilities are numerous in that each of the four pieces is available in four textile designs: in diagonal, square pattern in different colours (tartan), mesh or chequered. Overlaying different textures in a layered fashion provides depth and visual interest.

The chromatic choice provided by GARDEN LAYERS works within three colour groupings: terracotta, with subtle almond tones, peach and ivory; green, with grey overtones and pastel details in the stitching; and blue, combined with cream and red tones.

The result is a versatile and customised collection that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors and in different ways over the entire day.

The exclusive GAN Spaces concept and the talent of Patricia Urquiola come together in a surprising collaboration once again with a revolutionary collection that takes its inspiration from traditional ideas and ways of living.