GAN joins Haworth Collection

This month of May sees the start of the official collaboration between GAN and Haworth, one of the leading companies in the office furniture industry. Over the past few years, GAN and Haworth have been working closely, under the guiding hand of Patricia Urquiola, in the development of an exclusive collection for the corporate furniture giant.

Urquiola‘s designs for GAN had already been featured in several Haworth showrooms and events throughout the world, on a more or less regular basis. This agreement further consolidates the partnership, and makes GAN a permanent member of the “Haworth Collection” catalogue, which also features renowned firms such as Cassina, Poltrona Frau and Capellini.

Haworth Collection includes a selection of rugs designed by Patricia Urquiola that have been adapted for work environments and are based on the emblematic MANGAS and BANDAS collections, created originally for GAN. There are also four new rugs from the Hand Knotted Degradé line, designed entirely for Haworth. A total of five collections and over twenty different rugs are part of this launch; Mangas Naturales, Bandas, Mangas Original, Mangas Space and Hand Knotted Degradé. Each one offers various options in terms of colour and shape.

The new rugs will be on display along with Haworth furniture in showrooms across North America, as well as in the next edition of NeoCon 2017, held in Chicago from June 12th-14th.

With this partnership, GAN reinvents itself and grows together with Haworth, in a joint mission to redefine the way in which workspaces are designed, built and maintained over time. In this way, we contribute to creating more humane, effective and innovative work environments.