Last 15th May, during ICFF and NYCxDesign week in New York, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of GANDIABLASCO.

We want to share with you some moments, have a look!

FOTO 1: Mapi Millet, GAN director, and GANDIABLASCO USA team

FOTO 2: Surface Magazine team

FOTO 3: Pedram Shokouhi, Sara Arigot and DadeLoft Calgary team

FOTO 4: Cardenio Petrucci, of Dsegnare San Francisco

FOTO 5: Clima Outdoor team and Laura Fernández

FOTO 6: Brent Jespersen and Ryan Church

FOTO 7: West Chin with his team

FOTO 8: Laila Kuraich, Álvaro Gandía-Blasco, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco and Brent Jespersen

FOTO 9: José A. Gandía-Blasco president of GANDIABLASCO

FOTO 10: Patricia Urquiola, Pedram Shokouhi, Laura Fernández, José Gandía-Blasco, Lyndon Neri, Mapi Millet and Albeto Zontone