Interview with Front

Parquet is like an island of color on the floor. Swedish designers Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren of Front created this collection for GAN, which draws inspiration from traditional flooring patterns.

How did you get the idea for this collection? Where does your inspiration come from?
As GAN work very close to their producers in different places in the world, we were able to look at different techniques to find the right expression. It was a very inspiring process to see the work of the local craftsmen and build up a relationship to the techniques and traditions.
Out of this we got the idea of creating colorful patterns inspired by the shapes of classic parquet flooring. The different squares and the high contrast between the colors and the black lines create an illusion of depth. Also the work with geometrical shapes allowed for a modular type of rug.

What does the name of the collection mean?
The name Parquet comes from the French word parquet, meaning an enclosed space within a bigger space. The collection reflects this concept with black lines enclosing areas of different colours.

What is the particularity of the design? (technique, colours, material… )
It’s a woven wool rug based on a very sophisticated level of craftsmanship. The lines that define the edges are very precise, made by very skilled craftsman and craftswomen, which become very important as the collection is based on defined graphic patterns.

What in your opinion is the most innovative aspect of this product?
We work with patterns in asymmetrical shapes. It’s also modular, allowing you to combine different rugs together. Within the same collection we have other elements like ottomans, stools and seating that fit well with the rugs and can also be individual separate pieces.

Can you point out the potential of this product for residential spaces, as well as contract applications such as public, commercial, hospitality and work spaces?
It will provide colourful character to any room where it’s used. Parquet will stand out like an island of colours on the floor. It can work equally well for contract applications as well as residential spaces.

How did your collaboration with GAN start?
We started talking to GAN a couple of years ago, they contacted us and we were interested in the idea of collaborating with them. We first met in Milan, we had always admired their beautiful collections and were happy to work with them.
We appreciate how they work very closely with the craftsmen and craftswomen that make their products, which make them a very organic company. They are fantastic people to work with, passionate about what they do as well as being very lovely people, which is important when you are collaborating together.