Archiproducts interviews Patricia Urquiola

Designer Patricia Urquiola talks to design platform Archiproducts about the secrets of her latest and award-winning MIRAGE collection, designed for GAN. In this interview, held during IMM Cologne Furniture and Interiors Fair, the Spanish designer based in Milan reveals the origins of Mirage, a rug that challenges visual perception with an exquisite play of colors and lines that blend organically.

Everything began, as always, as a game of possibilities. The team at GAN and Urquiolaworked together during the development phase, first testing different models made of felt, later with cashmere. They also experimented with different techniques, always with a clear vision of the result they wanted to achieve. Finally, they opted for a hand-knotted design.

MIRAGE, designed by Patricia Urquiola, combines color, geometry and overlay in a New Zealand wool rug entirely knotted by hand and technically very complex to produce, which insinuates three-dimensionality. In MIRAGE the colors melt, creating a sense of movement with no beginning or end. The shape of the rug breaks with the traditional rectangular format, contributing freedom to the piece and balancing contemporaneity with a traditional technique.

Patricia Urquiola also mentions the complicity of Mapi Millet, creative director of GAN, with whom she shares her work ethic and process of constant search.

MIRAGE was born from the desire to combine the traditional and the innovative. And although the rug is already a reality, the research continues. Patricia Urquiola explains she has continued to investigate in this direction with other materials such as marble and felt, which were part of the initial idea.