Mix&Match, the Brazilian spirit of Flavia del Pra

The Brazilian craftswoman Flavia del Pra, the author of the MIX&MATCH pedestal platters which were recognised with a Interior Design Best of Year (BoY) Award in the Accessories category in 2016 talks here in the video about how the trays can be used: they work for serving food and drinks as much as a stand for plants, sculptures or any other decorative object from around the house that can be displayed.

For Del Pra who has worked with ceramic tiles for more than 20 years now, the “playful geometric patterns” are what she likes most that allow for combinations of colours and forms that inspire individual creations and the name of the collection: MIX&MATCH.

There were initially nine models designed by Del Pra, as she explains each of them is unique: “I produce the tiles myself in my studio, so everything is done with loving care.” The craft based process is completed with the addition of a brass plated aluminium tray.