Charlotte Lancelot Interview. Canevas.

Belgian designer Charlotte Lancelot discusses her CANEVAS collection for GAN-rugs, inspired by the idea of transforming a rug into a distinctive piece of furniture.

The Spaces concept of combined area rugs/furniture is very unique. As a designer, what about Spaces appeals most to you?

When I design spaces, I strive to combine harmony with flexibility. A space should adapt to its user’s lifestyle, not the opposite.
Nowadays, the “living room” concept is not reserved to home anymore, you find it in the work environment as well. It is not only a relaxation or entertainment space, but also a complete living space, where you can eat, work, chat, sleep, or even practice meditation…
What I also find interesting in the evolution of furniture, is that the rug has become a piece of furniture on its own. It is a master piece that defines and limits the living spaces and creates a link between the different pieces of furniture.

What inspired you in your creation of Canevas?

I came up with the Canevas concept after having found beautiful perforated felt paths in the dustbin of a factory. I wanted to practice eco-design, and tried to create a rug by fixing the paths together with cross-stitches. After that, I continued to improve my technique and bought several embroidery books to find more inspiration.

How did you come up with the Canevas construction technique?

Simply by trying and making it! Mapi Millet, Gan’s art director, also helped me a lot to produce a real product out of the project.

Congratulations on the Red Dot award for the Silai collection. Would you consider Silai an extension of the Canevas technique, or is it brand new?

Thank you! It is quite the same embroidery technique, only the crosses-stitches are oversized to highlight the handmade technique. Another small difference is that the rug support is completely hidden in Silai, while it is visible in the Canevas collection. To me, the extension is clear, even if the collections are very different from an aesthetical point of view.

The Canevas collection includes ottomans, rugs and throw pillows. Silai has rugs, ottomans, tables and throw pillows. How did you decide on the necessary components for each collection?

For Canevas, it was Mapi Millet, Gan’s art director, who wanted to create a complete space, to give more impact to the collection.
For Silaï, we followed quite the same idea. We added a table to create combinations between the several items in order to create different spaces.
The low table was the missing piece to create a complete living room. What I like in these collections, is that everything goes together but also separately, combined with other pieces of furniture.

Any thoughts on expanding these collections in the future?

Yes, I have plenty of ideas regarding new techniques and projects!
We are currently developing a new collection with Gan, based on the Canevas technique, and we also have weaving projects, a technique that is quite new to me.