Archiproducts interview with Charlotte Lancelot

Belgian designer Charlotte Lancelot presents CANEVAS GEO , her latest collection designed for GAN, in her interview with design platform Archiproducts at the furniture and interiors fair IMM Cologne. Lancelot explains the evolution of the first Canevas collection, initially inspired by floral motifs, nostalgia and traditional techniques, and now evolved into the new Canevas Geo collection, a more minimalistic approach which explores the possibilities of different types of stitching and embroidery and how they allow for color and texture play.

Charlotte explains the experimentation process that folthe CANEVAS GEO patterns, showing the different types of stitches that the same carpet contains and how the combination of techniques and colors create new effects and tonalities.

The designer also talks about her chromatic commitment – coral, green and yellow in combination with a neutral tone – and the combination of soft colors with the structure of the stitches to generate a cozy and pleasant feeling in interiors.

Charlotte Lancelot presents different possibilities of combining the pieces of Canevas Geo and bets on the carpet as the central element of a space, through which other pieces of furniture are articulated.

CANEVAS GEO uses cross stitch made with colored wool threads on a perforated felt base, and explores the color schemes and the different effects they produce when overlapping. The colors of the frames are intermingled on the surfaces of Canevas Geo reminding of crop fields seen from an aerial perspective. A composition with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic, for which it has also opted for an asymmetric cut in the format of the rugs and that also has a collection of matching cushions.