New GAN collections at IMM Cologne 2019

Last January 14-20, GAN participated in IMM Cologne, the first major design event of 2019 and one of the main trade shows in the industry. IMM, which celebrated its 70th edition this year, showcases the furniture and interior design proposals that will become global trends. This time, GAN participated with four of its latest indoor collections: MIRAGE, HIDRAULIC, CANEVAS GEO and LAN. Four handmade rugs that represent the multiplicity and complexity of techniques GAN uses in its creations.

MIRAGE, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is a New Zealand wool carpet knotted entirely by hand. The virtuosity of its technique and its subtle color palette generate a sensation of almost unreal movement. CANEVAS GEO, by Charlotte Lancelot, explores the creation of color overlays through the use of cross-stitching over a base of perforated felt. HIDRAULICtranslates the motives and precise details of hydraulic tiles into the softness of wool, while maintaining the classical floral designs. Last but not least, LAN, by Neri&Hu, is a minimalist piece in indigo tones that features hand-embroidered patterns on a base of Glaoui fabric, which combines hand-knotting and flat weave.

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“The company GANDIA BLASCO S.A. has participated in the FPA IMM Cologne 2019, held in Cologne from January 14 to 20, 2019, with ICEX support as well as co-financing from European FEDER funds, having contributed, proportionally to the amount, to the economic growth of this company, its region and SPAIN as a whole.”