PLY, GAN’s new creation at the 2019 Feria Hábitat in Valencia

Last week GAN participated in the 56th edition of the Feria Hábitat in Valencia. Our new PLY collection made waves at the renowned Spanish design fair. Accompanying the newcomer, there was also BACKSTITCH, by Raw-Edges, and NUANCES by Patricia Urquiola, which we presented this year at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Captained by Alberto Sanchez and Eduardo Villalón, the prestigious MUT Design studio created PLY exclusively for GAN. This collection represents an ode to the most hypnotic geometry, one that could be gazed at indefinitely without a search for any beginning or end, but rather just for the pleasure of looking at repeated patterns, organic shapes and enveloping textures.
It consists of three different models with different measurements, playing with pink, blue and yellow tones. The most interesting aspect of these pieces is how light affects the pattern of each rug, bringing it to life and generating fascinating optical effects and a powerful sensation of movement.

BACKSTITCH, designed by the London studio Raw-Edges, in collaboration, for the first time, with GAN, is a collection of three rugs, available in two colours, that explore the beauty of what is concealed by focusing on the back side of traditional embroidery. Backstitch, which is made of pure wool and completely hand-embroidered by the women of GAN’s Women Unit, turns rugs over and upholds, in a conceptual but delicate way, what had always been hidden.

Patricia Urquiola, a regular collaborator with GAN and one of the most internationally recognised designers, has once again broken moulds with NUANCES, a collection of three rugs and a pouf in which she explores the possibilities of wool felt. The designer reinvents this warm and natural material by employing a production technique that allows for the recycling of discarded materials, giving rise to a spectacular collection, which, using architectural geometries, three palettes of natural colours, and the pieces’ integral embroidery, immerses us in an intentionally sensory and artistic experience.

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