Mapi Millet

The current Creative Director of GAN became part of the Gandia Blasco team in 2004.

Specialized in interior design, it was her experience with design trends, product development and production control that led her to propose her expansion project for Gandia Blasco’s indoor brand, GAN.

Since her incorporation, she has defined the trajectory of the brand. On the one hand, she selects the designers with whom to collaborate and develops new craft techniques to offer to them, thus strengthening the essence of the brand: craftsmanship at the service of first-class design. On the other hand, she introduced the concept of GAN SPACES, which evolve from a single rug, in line with its design, into multiple elements, modular systems and accessories that define complete spaces in which to live.

A tireless traveler, she is convinced that handmade products add quality to our lives and support those who make them. She devotes a great deal of her time to researching the crafts of the world, developing new techniques and processes that will allow everyone, users and producers, to benefit from the soul of handmade objects.


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